Terms & Conditions
1. Preamble
1.1 National Bank of Greece S.A. (henceforth the "Bank") has set up and provides to users the i-bank Simple Pay service at https://www.simplepay.gr (henceforth “the service”), through which users (natural persons and sole proprietorships) can make electronic payments to businesses/organizations or National Insurance Bodies (N.I.B.) by charging their Mastercard or Visa credit, debit or prepaid card, issued by NBG or any other bank, or by charging their deposit account held with NBG, on condition that they are registered users in the Bank's i-bank Internet Banking system.
1.2 The purpose of this document is to set out the terms and conditions governing the use of the service for making electronic payments. The use of the service implies full and unconditional acceptance of all terms and conditions listed below. The Bank reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions of the service at any time without prior notice, simply by announcing such to the users.
1.3 These terms can be easily accessed by users on a constant basis through the special link on the webpage of the service (https://www.simplepay.gr). Users accept these terms upon their registration to the service in accordance with condition 3.1 hereinbelow as well as prior to making any transaction.
2. Making Transactions
2.1 To make any electronic payment through the service, the necessary technical equipment for an Internet connection should have been set up by the user of the service. The Bank does not provide the equipment to enable access to the Internet and the user undertakes any connection and usage cost of the necessary equipment, and any fees or taxes associated with its use.
2.2 Any electronic payment through the service shall be made either by charging the MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card of the user issued by NBG or any other bank (in the case of certain payments it may be explicitly stated that they can be conducted only by using a MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card issued by the Bank), or by charging a deposit account of the user with the Bank, provided the said user has registered for the Bank’s i-bank Internet Banking service.
2.3 The Bank undertakes the obligation to effect proper and timely execution of the transmitted user orders, in line with the user’s instructions, from the moment the orders have been received by the Bank's Central Systems. The transaction is carried out by the Central Systems of the Bank as soon as the user order is received by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to refuse execution of the orders of the user / subscriber for an electronic payment through the service, notifying the user of the reasons for this refusal, unless disclosure of such is prohibited by relevant legislation.
2.4 The Bank reserves the right, at its discretion, to increase or limit the type, amount/value or number of transactions and generally of the range of the service and to determine the days, hours and duration of this service, notifying users accordingly in any way it sees fit. The Bank has the right in any case to take the said measures for some or all users, without any prior notification, in the event that in its judgment there is an immediate transaction security threat or suspicion of improper use of the i-bank Simplepay service in violation of the terms and conditions stated in term 3.4 below and, in general, the relevant legislation.
3. Basic features of the system
3.1 User registration to the system.
The user must first register as a subscriber to the Service in order to use the Service and thereafter perform transactions. Registration to the Service can be done in two (2) ways:

3.1.1. Registration by means of codes (hereafter “Access Codes”) that are defined by the user (email/password). The Access Codes are defined by the user at the time of registration and consist of the username (e-mail) and password. The username is the e-mail address specified by the user, and the password consists of characters/symbols chosen by the user in line with instructions provided to the user by the Service. The user, on registering to the service, must also supply personal details (full name, father's name and date of birth), and answer one of the preset questions for the provision of a user password reminder (“security question”). Once the user has supplied personal details, Access Codes, security question, and accepted the terms herein, an automatic reply e-mail is sent by the Service to the e-mail address supplied by the user. The registration process is completed after the user has selected the account activation link contained in the text of the e-mail. If the account is not activated by the user within one week (7 calendar days) of receiving the said e-mail, all information entered by the user is deleted from the Service.

3.1.2. Registration using i-bank internet banking codes (hereafter “i-bank Access Codes”). The user can register for the Service by using the User ID and Password that the user uses for the i-bank Internet Banking service. In this case: a) the user does not need to fill in personal details, as these are filled in automatically by the Service, b) the user does not need to answer a security question, c) the user only needs to provide his e-mail address if he wishes to receive a message confirming his transactions, d) a reply e-mail containing an activation link is not sent to the user, and e) the user’s account with the Service is activated simply by the user using the User ID and Password that he uses for the i-bank Internet Banking service.

3.2 Initialization of user password by the registered user - Use of security question.
If the user forgets the password, or in the event that an invalid password is entered 4 times, by answering correctly the preset security question the service automatically sends an e-mail to the latest address specified, in order to initiate the password reset procedure, in line with the restrictions and rules of the service.
3.3 User password reset by the Contact Center of the Bank
If the user has forgotten the login password, or entered four invalid passwords, or has forgotten the answer to the security question, he/she should contact the Bank’s Contact Center, so that the agent can start the reset procedure for the password and the answer to the security question. The Contact Center agent shall ask the user for personal information registered in the service, in order to establish identity.
3.4 Management of user information by the user him/herself.
A user can make certain changes, under conditions that have been communicated by the service terms of use, to any information (access details and personal details) entered during registration.
3.5 Update regarding the completion of a transaction by the Bank’s Contact Center.
The user may follow up on the fate of a transaction through the Bank’s Contact Center service. The Contact Center agent can decline to inform the user of the details of his/her transaction or even its outcome, in the event that the user fails to provide adequate details to identify the transaction, and in the event that it proves impossible to identify the user on the basis of details held in the service or details subsequently changed by the user him/herself.
3.6 The service provides the user with the option to receive information either on screen or in printed form for completed transactions, to save for future use transaction templates, and to change the user password and the security question as well as the personal details provided upon his/her registration.
3.7 The user declares that all information and details provided to the Bank by him through the website of the service (https://www.simplepay.gr) are accurate and true. Also, the user undertakes the responsibility to refrain from any unlawful use of the service, as well as from using this service to make payments on behalf of third parties in return for a fee or as a business and generally undertakes the obligation to use the system in line with legislation and ethical codes. The user declares that any money paid through this service concerns genuine and not bogus transactions and that the money does not derive from illegal acts or criminal activity under the meaning of Law 2331/1995.
3.8 Deletion of the user from the Service
If the user wishes to be deleted from the Service, this can be done via the user’s Account Settings, selecting the respective option. To go ahead with deletion, the user must enter his Password, whether this was set up by the method described in 3.1.1. hereinabove or 3.1.2. Deletion of the user’s account with the Service results in irrecoverable deletion of the user’s payment history. Having been deleted from the Service, the user may, if the user so wishes, register anew to the Service, as described under 3.1 hereinabove.
4. Confidentiality clause
4.1 All information provided by the user to the Bank shall be confidential and the Bank must use such information with due care, and only to the extent necessary within the context of the Services provided. By way of example, the Bank shall be entitled to disclose information regarding the use of the service in the following cases:

a) when this is required for the execution of a transmitted order,

b)when this is enforced by decision of a public or judicial authority or other legislation (law, decree, etc.) or when enforced by the competent supervisory authorities of the Bank.

This right of the Bank shall be of unlimited duration, even after expiry or termination in any way of this agreement.
4.2 The Software of the service and all data contained therein are to be treated in confidence by the user, who recognizes their importance to the Bank and undertakes not to disclose or disseminate them in any way to third parties.

This right of the Bank shall be of unlimited duration, even after expiry or termination in any way of this agreement.
5. User charges
5.1 Access by the user to the service is free of charge.

Some of the bank transactions that are offered through the i-bank Simple Pay service incur charges in line with the respective legislation and the Bank’s Pricing Policy, which is communicated to users via the webpage www.nbg.gr, via the system itself, as well as via the Bank’s branch network and any other way deemed appropriate by the Bank.
5.2 Use of the card is subject to the charges provided for under the terms of the card issuance contract.
6. Responsibility of the Bank
6.1 The service's website is not an online site for remote signing of contracts, but only to pay the price of the services that the user receives from the business or organization. The Bank is not exclusively associated with the businesses on a contractual basis, and the card is used by them solely as a means of payment.
6.2 The Bank, given the special nature of the Internet, does everything within its power to publish the information provided by any third party, especially by the businesses, on the website (https://www.simplepay.gr) as transmitted to the Bank by the third parties. The aforesaid and any other information provided to the user through the Website do not constitute a direct or indirect solicitation or advice to take any action with an economic outcome. The user should consider carefully the information provided and act at his or her discretion.
6.3 The Bank supervises the operation of the website of the i-bank Simple Pay service 24 hours a day (business days and public holidays), without any responsibility however if there is any disruption caused to the service by a) force majeure, such as network disruption or delay, or power failure or strike of the Bank's personnel, b) scheduled and non-scheduled works for the maintenance or upgrade of the technical infrastructure, or c) mistyping by the user or malfunctioning of the technical equipment of the user or third party. NBG cannot guarantee the confidentiality or the accurate and timely completion of payment under special circumstances that are beyond its control.
6.4 The Bank has taken every necessary measure to ensure a high level of security and protection solely for its own system, via which it provides its service, as required by transactional practice. The Bank undertakes the obligation to regularly upgrade such protection systems and to have antivirus programs in place. However, the Bank does not guarantee the absence of viruses and has no responsibility for any damage to hardware, software, files or other damage to the user that may be caused by a virus.
6.5 Through the service's website, users can browse through special links, hyperlinks and banners to third-party websites, the content of which is the sole responsibility of those entities. The Bank does not guarantee the availability and does not endorse and is not liable for the content, accuracy, legality, completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information or for the quality and the properties of products or services provided by these entities through such websites. The Bank is also not responsible for errors or malfunctioning of the websites of third parties, or for any losses suffered by users as a result of accessing and using the information, services and products provided via these websites.
6.6 Personal information (full name, e-mail address, etc.) supplied by users is used exclusively for the purpose of processing their electronic payments. The collection and processing of such personal data, we well as the storage of the relevant records, is conducted exclusively by authorized personnel of the Bank. The Bank takes every step to ensure the security and protection of personal data and the confidentiality of its processing, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 regarding data privacy. The Bank does not hold a publicly accessible storage base containing the personal data of service users. The Bank reserves the right to make the details of its data storage available to businesses that are affiliated or associated with it, as part of the support, promotion and implementation of electronic payments. Details of the storage of personal data may be given or communicated to the competent judicial or other public authorities, if the communication or disclosure of such is enforced by any applicable legislation or judicial decision. The transmission or communication of user data to these recipients will be made in each case in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as applicable. Users have the right to receive information, access and object to the processing and transfer of their data, as set out in the provisions of Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997. The Bank explicitly states that sensitive user data are not subject to collection and processing within the meaning of Article 2.b of Law 2472/1997.
6.7 The Bank is legally entitled to process personal data in order to prevent, investigate and identify cases of fraud in the area of payments, the provisions of Law Ν.2472/97, as amended, applying in all other respects.

The use of the service implies the consent of the user to the processing of personal data that the user declares through the service's website by the relevant personnel of the Bank, as well as the creation of a personal data base to ensure effective communication of the user with the website of the service and the completion of the electronic transactions that are carried out through this website.
7. Intellectual property rights
7.1 The Bank and/or its suppliers hold all the property rights, logos, distinctive titles and generally any trademark of the Bank regarding the Software programs \ and the manuals that accompany them (the use of which is provided by the Bank to the Customer), the telecommunication connections, and any other intellectual property or technical knowledge right regarding the above.
7.2 The Bank, under the terms of this Agreement, provides the user of the service with the non-exclusive and non-assignable right to use Software products provided to him for the purpose of receiving the service under the present Agreement, which will be used only by the said user.
7.3 The user of the service undertakes and acknowledges that under no circumstances after expiry or termination of this Agreement will he use the intellectual property of the Bank or third parties, the use of which is granted him for the purpose of obtaining the service.
7.4 The use of the service by the user does not generate any kind of right in favour of the user on the industrial and intellectual property right, to which the Bank, the companies or any third parties are legally entitled. Any copy, deletion, reproduction, imitation or alteration, in any way, partially or otherwise, of any kind and by any means, and any infringement of such in general by the user is an unlawful, unfair and criminal offence and is strictly forbidden, and can lead to sanctions in line with the respective legislation being imposed on the user.
8. Responsibility of the user
8.1 The user must carry out transactions in accordance with these terms and the guidelines of the Bank, as such are communicated at the time of the transaction. Instructions for conducting transactions exist also in a special user guide that is available via the service's website (henceforth the "User Guide") and comprises an integral part of these terms. The user must show particular caution when completing the details of Transactions and undertakes to ensure that his relevant entries will be absolutely clear, complete and accurate, otherwise the Bank is not obliged to perform them. The Bank shall not be liable for incorrect data entry by the user, who is solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness and legality of these entries.
8.2 The user is obliged to have installed on his personal computer the latest, updated versions of programs, operating systems and antivirus programs and similar data and computer protection software (antivirus programs, antispyware, firewalls etc.), such as are compatible with the Bank's system, and under no circumstances shall save on the said computer unrecognized programs or programs without a lawful license for this particular installation.
8.3 The user shall fulfil all his obligations deriving from the terms of use of the card and the respective legislation regarding the payment by electronic means, including taking every step to ensure secure safekeeping of the card, informing without delay the issuing bank in the event of loss or theft of the card, and so on. The registered user shall keep in a safe and secure manner the credentials to the service.
8.4. The Bank’s liability for non-execution or erroneous execution of payment orders is subject to the provisions of legislation relating to payment services.
9. Communication Media
9.1 For any issue concerning the use of the service or the transactions, the user may contact the Bank through the service's website (https://www.simplepay.gr) using the specific contact form available, or by phone or fax or by sending an e-mail to telephone numbers and e-mail addresses available to the user through the service's website.
10. Suspension of Website operation
10.1 The Bank may suspend the operation of the service's website or the ability to carry out Transactions through the service, when it believes this is necessary or advisable; for example, when it considers that there is a safety/security issue or if network maintenance is necessary.
11. Amendments
11.1 The Bank, in keeping abreast of developments in technology and upgrading its services, may carry out upgrades, improvements or changes in the overall structure and operation of the service or the transactions, and may provide the option to carry out a further range of transactions. Such changes shall be carried out automatically by the Bank and announced by means of notices clearly visible on the website. In the same context, the Bank may amend these terms by making a revised version of them, and announcing the change through the website. In any case, the new terms are accepted by the user in the way described in the Preamble.
12. Duration of agreement
12.1 The agreement made with the acceptance of these terms by the user is of indefinite duration and may be terminated at any time with a statement to this effect by either party to the other party. In such a case, all transactions ordered by the user until such statement is received by the party it is addressed to, shall be carried out.
13. Supplementary application of conditions of use of the card and the deposit account
13.1 In the case of issues not covered by these terms, the terms of the agreement that has been accepted by the user for the use of the card or deposit account shall apply.
14. Appeal
14.1 The user is availed of all means of extrajudicial resolution as provided for under current legislation on payment services. Also, the Bank’s e-Business & Alternative Channels Unit - Contact Center is the competent body to which the user can turn to resolve any problem or complaint. Fuller information on this service and complaint procedure can be found on the Bank's website (http://www.nbg.gr) and the Service's website (https://www.simplepay.gr), and specifically under the "Contact us" option: submission of comments, suggestions and complaints.